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Userbars are the new trend of the moment, but not all have skill to photoshop a userbar, so I made this automated script to make your own Userbar!

Make your own Userbar and save it on your local hard-disk or host it on this site.

Image upload (Optional):

This image will positioned on the left side
Best height: 19pixel (PNG/GIF/JPEG)
Transparent Background
Max size: 300KB

File Url
Image Pixel border:

How many pixel from the left side
the image it will be positioned?

Userbar Text:

Write the text on
the right side and
set the vertical offset

No text
Choose Fade type and Colours:

Use HEX value: FFFFFF

From color Pick Color
To color Pick Color
Choose grid type:

20 and 40 are the Alpha Channel of the grid
Up-Down is \\\\\\
Down-Up is //////

Choose shadow type: